Student Blogging Challenge #2: Questions for our Visitors

Making Comments. Making Connections. 

This week, our sixth grade class has been busy leaving comments on blogs around the world. On Tuesday, we delivered comments to Mr. Jewell’s class in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. On Wednesday, we left a myriad of comments for our Aussie friends in Mrs. Coffa’s class. Today, my students opened up the student page of the Student Blogging Challenge and reached out to their peers with common interests. As every student found a connection, a little squeal would rise from the chatter. They were so excited to find 12-year-olds in another part of the world who shared their passions–or had pets they’d never dreamed of having (like alpacas). Tomorrow, we’ll be adding a new post–and leaving more comments.

If you’ve landed on our blog, please take a few minutes and leave a comment responding to one of our questions.

We promise to return the visit if you leave your URL.

USA (one of the other 50 states!) Hannah and Sammy Do you get to go home anytime during the school day?If we came to visit, what would you recommend?
Australia Clare and Sofia What’s your favorite candy only in Australia?
New Zealand Jasmin and   Emma What kind of animals live there?What kinds of shows do you guys like to watch?What is your native foods that you guys eat?

What is your favorite youtube channel?

Mexico Topher and Ian What is the most popular tv channel or show?Do you really like tacos?What do you do for work?
China Sophia and Haily   Do they read right to left?What’s the most common animal species there?What other languages do they speak besides Chinese?
Bangladesh Patrick and Kyle What kind of board games do you play there?What is your geographical location?
Canada Julia and Sarah What is the climate?What different foods do they have there?
United Arab Emirates UAE Sahar and Hannah Where is United Arab Emirates?Types of food?Is there a well-known YouTuber from UAE?
Russia Jenna and Collin What kind or sports do they play? Do they play football?What kind of climate is there?Is it really cold, really hot?

What kind of animals live there?

Scotland Christian and Aidan What is your favorite snack in  Scotland?What is a common name?
England Rhea and Leilani -How many types of languages do they speak?What animals are endangered in England?
Wales Mariya and Namitha What are your favorite activities to do in Wales?What are your favorite snacks in Wales?
Ireland Taken by Ale and Abhi -What is a traditional famous dish that you enjoy having?Do you think that the culture is different in Ireland than in America?What do you do to celebrate Saint Patricks Day?
Philippines Siddharth and Shashank Are there poor people there?What kind of sports do they play there?
South Korea Maggie and Ashley What’s you favorite candy?What are some special foods that you eat on holidays?
Taiwan    WHOLE CLASS What do you have for lunch at school?What subjects do you study?
Spain Gia and Natalie How many classes do you  have each day?How long are your classes?
Indonesia Pranav and Cooper How are the volcanoes there?What are the cities like?How do you get from place to place?
Vietnam Kate & Kelly What’s your main form of transportation?What are some of your favorite foods?
Madagascar Brianna and Major Does your island have many schools and colleges?What kinds of technology do you have?
Japan Teddy and Colleen What is your favorite type of foods?What kind of animals live in your area?
Italy Mikayla and Leila Does everyone in Italy speak ItalianAre there any famous traditions?I have heard that there are many vineyards in Italy. Is this true?
Marshall Islands Austin and Jacob   Why do you call them the Marshall Islands?What’s your favorite movie?What is your favorite food?

What type of animals are around your islands?

Turkey Srihitha and Ramya What type of traditional festivals do you have?What is your largest festival of the year?
Saudi Arabia Srihitha and Ramya What is your daily routine like?What is the most special part of your day?
Netherlands Morgan and Casey
  • What do you do for fun after school?
  • What is your daily routine?
  • What are your customs  and traditions?
Ukraine Alexander and Gabriel What are your recreational activities?
Sweden Ethan & Matt > How do you say “I love video games,” in Swedish? 😉What do people usually like to do in Sweden? 🙂
Armenia WHOLE CLASS If we visited your town, what should we see and do?
South Africa Raeva and Aimee What foods do you eat?Do some people still live in tribes ?What holidays do  you celebrate?
Romania Srihitha and Ramya What type of recreational activities do you have?Which ones are unique and cultural?
Georgia (: ELLA and JENNY 🙂 What do you do after school?What kind of lunches do you get at school?What kind of recreational activities do you do for fun?
India Emre and Andrew What do you guys do after school?What are your hobbies?
Bahrain WHOLE CLASS What are the top three places a tourist should visit in your country?What’s the weather like there?
Kenya Jake And ADAM What are your hobbies do you still live in tribes?What are your favorite foods?    🙂
Nigeria Ben, Kael, and Joey What is it like there for the schools and your computers?
Guam Nick, Emma, and David What kind of sports do they play?What is the weather like in Guam?What language do they speak?
Uganda Noemi and Sarah What language do you speak?What’s the weather like in Uganda?What kind of foods do you eat in Uganda?

What are your hobbies?

What kind of sports do you play?

Brazil Trang and Shriya What languages do you speak?How many people talk Portuguese in Brazil?What are some traditional dishes in your country?
Norway Laila and Daniela What types of food do they eat?What is the population where you live?
Honduras WHOLE CLASS What’s your typical school day like?What movies are your favorite?


Hong Kong

WHOLE CLASS What are you favorite books?What do you study?What do you do for fun?


How far is school from your house? What are your recreational activities? What are some of your cultural and traditional activities?

39 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge #2: Questions for our Visitors

  1. Hi, I’m from Hong Kong. If I walk from my home to school, it would take 1 hour and 57 min. My recreational activities are to go for hiking. Hong Kong has many mountains and at the top of the mountain, you can see the whole city. It is beautiful. The cultural activities are celebrating a Chinese new year.

  2. Hello, my name is Shu***
    I’m from Hong Kong and for me, school is 9.3 km away from my apartment. So I use school bus to go to my school. My recreational activities is to go hiking, and Hong Kong’s cultural and traditional activities is to celebrate Chinese New Year(I’m Japanese so I’m not sure)
    Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Hi Shu***-

      Where do you go hiking? I LOVE to hike, too. I live very close to the Appalachian Trail, which extends from Georgia to Maine (2,185 mile public footpath).Here’s a link in case you’d like to see it: My family lives about 15 miles from Bear’s Den and Raven’s Rock — so we’ve hiked both of these frequently. In addition, we’re close to Harper’s Ferry, WV, so we’ll drive there and hike portions of the AT there. I’d love to hear more about your hikes. That would be a wonderful post idea!

      Mrs. Rombach

  3. My school is approximately 3.9 Miles far from my home. Our school do variety things for recreation time. Reading books, watching movies, and more. We do our multi-cultural days to wear our country’s cultural cloth.

    • Hi Cody-

      How often do you celebrate multi-cultural days? What are your favorite books and movies? What’s one thing you and your friends might do at recreation time? My class likes to play flag football, walk or jog around the track, play four square, or draw with chalk on the sidewalk. If you visit again, please leave your blog URL so we can return the visit.

      Mrs. Rombach

  4. My school is 5 metres away from my house. There are many recreational activities I have like playing badminton, playing video games, reading a book etc. Some of my cultural and traditional activities are to have dinner together with my family.

    • Hi Ajla-
      What are your favorite video games and what’s the best book you’ve read this school year? What is a cultural dinner you and your family might share? If you’ll answer, be sure to leave your blog URL so we can come visit your blog. 🙂

      Mrs. Rombach

  5. Hi i am from Hong kong It just take me 5 to 10 min to reach to my school. The things i do is watch tv, play outside, hangout with friends. My cultural activity are to pray to god every day

  6. I am Mrs. Gado and although I was born and raised in Canada I have lived and worked in Hong Kong for over 14 years. Thank you for including Hong Kong on your list of questions. My students will comment on your blog today during our club meeting. Now I will answer your questions. For 8 years I lived very close to the school (across the street) and I walked to school. 6 years ago, I moved to a different part of Hong Kong, now I have to walk (up a big hill), then take a bus, then take a train, then switch trains, and then walk. It can take me 35 minutes or 3 hours depending on the time of day. For recreation in Hong Kong there is a lot of hiking and swimming. But often it is too hot out side. We also have Disney Land, lots of shopping and lots of movie theatres. We just finished celebrating Lunar New Year. It is the year of the Ram ( Here are some videos to explain Chinese New Year ( The Lion Dance is my favourite. This Lion Dance was performed in a local shopping mall. It gets really exciting at 3 minutes (

    • Mrs. Gado-

      Thank you so very much for responding to my students’ questions–and for pointing out our omission of Hong Kong in the first place. That was a quick fix. My students are on a field trip today, but we’ll visit your blogs this week. We have technology in the classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. In fact, our school launched Bring Your Own Technology today…so we’ll be figuring out how that works this quarter. Thank you for sharing the Chinese New Year videos. I think I’ll borrow one and share it on my blog so the students can comment on it. 🙂 I will get busy approving all of the comments that your wonderful students left. We’ll be over to visit you soon. 🙂

      Mrs. Rombach

  7. Hi,
    I`m from Australia. I am 9 years old and my favourite lollies are
    – Marvellous Creation Chocolate
    – Red Skins
    – Sour Straps
    What sort of candy do you have in your country?
    Are you addicted to any particular candy?
    I am addicted to Marvellous Creation Chocolate and Salt and Vinegar Chips!
    Please answer my questions I will respond quite eagerly!
    From Keely!

    • Hi Keely-

      We’re so glad you visited our class blog. We like Jolly Ranches, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, M & Ms, Reese’s Cups (peanut butter and chocolate), Twizzlers (red licorice sticks), and Mrs. Rombach’s all-time favorite is Hot Tamales (yes, I’m addicted). Also popular are Twix bars with chocolate, caramel and a wafer cookie, gummie bears, Warheads super sour candies, chocolate bars like Hershey, Milky Way, Butterfingers, and Baby Ruth. If you come back and visit, please be sure to leave your URL so we can visit you and your class!

      Mrs. Rombach

    • i dont really like sweets but if i had to choose it would be jungle vines they are blue, yellow, green, and red they taste really good they aren’t that popular.

  8. Hi,

    We’re from Melbourne, Australia and our favourite lollies (candy) are:
    – Sour straps
    – Fantales
    – Raspberry drops
    – Cool Mints by Allens
    – Chocolate-coated fairy floss from a kiosk at a regional holiday park
    – Snakes
    – Brain lickers
    – Chocolate from the Yarra Valley chocolate company
    – Caramello Koalas
    – Darryl Lea Licorice
    – Minties
    – Allens raspberry Frogs
    – Chocolate bullets
    – Wizz Fizz
    – Clinkers

  9. Hi Clare and Sofia,
    We are from Adelaide in Australia. Our class found it hard to decide on one favourite lolly (candy), but the most popular is Fantales. Fantales have a chewy caramel centre with a chocolate coating. The caramel gets stuck in your teeth! At the beginning of the year, we made our own Fantale wrappers (Fantale wrappers always have trivia recorded on them). We’ll upload a picture to our blog soon if you want to have a look.
    What’s your favourite lolly?
    From Super Six Sevens

  10. Its really cool to see other people from other countries here interacting on the blog. I hope other people will tell us about life on their country!

  11. Hi im Zoe and I live in New Zealand. Here are my answers to your questions
    1. our native animals our kiwi, tui, kereru.(And so many others I cant bother sorry) but we also have sooo much sheep (I think it is about three times more sheep than people)
    2. Everybody likes different shows but I like Slide Show and the Amazing Race
    3. We don’t really have our own food but we invented pavlovas not the Austrailians
    4. Like the tv shows we all have different opinions but I like PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen
    Bye, Zoe : )

  12. Hi this is Jiya from New Zealand
    Well we have alot of sheep I mean alot, their is three sheep per person in New Zealand. We also have kiwis,tuis,kakas,morporks,kerru and loads more. I love the hunger games lots of people love it. But the popular movies in New Zealand are The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Well everyone in New Zealand has to like kumara and tomato sauce don’t forget the pavalovas. The Aussies think they own it but we do. I have a few favourite youtubers. Theres Stampylonghead, Iballisticsquid, jennxpenn, amylee33, DanTDM, Tobuscus, PopularMMOs, GamingWithJen And SquaishyQuack just to name a few lol.

    • Hi Jiya!
      Wow…you have animals I’ve never heard of before! Maybe you could create a slide show to share out on your blog that features some of your country’s most interesting creatures. We all loved the Hunger Games too, but I think The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings appealed to a wider age group so it likely performed better at the box office. What is kumara and pavlovas? Can you write back and describe them for us. I’ll check with my sixth graders to see if your favorite YouTubers match up with theirs! 🙂 If you stop by again, please be sure to leave your blog URL (like I’ve done in this comment) so there’s an active link we can follow back to your blog. We’d love to come visit!

      Mrs. Rombach

  13. Hi Mrs.Rombach!

    I love how this time you put the questions online! I also love the little widget where it said “PLEASE COMMENT”, that was so cute! I will join the student blogging challenge again! Anyways, I really hope you are enjoying the new found warm weather as much as I am!

    Stay Happy 🙂

  14. I loved reading these questions. Although there were no questions for Hong Kong (where I live), I enjoyed counting the number of countries I have visited. I am very lucky to live in Hong Kong because there are so many countries close by. I have been to 8 countries on your list. One thing that you might not know is that Hong Kong is one of the most populated place in the world. It is 93 times smaller than your state of Virginia and the population is just over 7 million. If you go to this link you can see what a map of Hong Kong will look like on a map of Virginia. It will give you a good idea of the size. How many people live in Ashburn VA?

    If you want to know anything else about Hong Kong add it to your post and we will try to answer it. In our Blogging Club, we have students from Japan, China, India, Australia, Hong Kong and Korea so we can try to answer any questions about those countries.

    • Hi Ms. Gado-

      We’ll get busy correcting this oversight on Tuesday, the next day we have technology in the classroom. You can be sure we’ll pull together some questions for Hong Kong. We have a very diverse class–with many Asian-American and Indian-American families calling Ashburn home. I know they’d love to connect with your class. I’m excited to share out your comment with my students–and my own sixth grade son, Sean. He’s a geography whiz who’s obsessed with mastering the flags of every country. He would want me to tell you that’s Vexillology (the study of flags and their meanings).

      I’ll be in touch soon with our questions. Likewise, should your students have any questions about Virginia (we live about 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.), we’d be happy to answer them for you. Ashburn is home to over 45,000 residents, and the area is exploding with new housing developments. Ashburn is part of Loudoun County, which boasts over 350,000 residents. It isn’t a perfect synopsis, but here’s a link to learn more about our area:,_Virginia.

      We’re finally coming out on the other side of a cold and snowy winter when we lost 12 school days to weather. Now it’s raining like crazy…which means spring is about to bloom. What’s it like where you are?

      Martha Rombach

  15. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for visiting our class blog.
    My students have also appreciated the comments that you are leaving on their blogs as part of the student blogging challenge.
    I love your idea of asking questions for people all around the world.
    For Siddharth and Shashank, I visited the Philippines and I was shocked by the amount of poverty. Families live side by side on the footpaths and in the parks. Many children and homeless and don’t go to school. Many of the homes are very small or shacks that they have put together themselves. Most of the kids are very happy but they all want to go to school, so they really value their education. They love to play soccer and especially basketball.
    Clare and Sofia, my favourite sweet is caramel love koalas and cherry ripes. I have just seen “That Sugar Film” and it has turned me off ever eating another sweet or lolly again.
    Happy Blogging!
    Verona Gridley 🙂

  16. Wow! Sixth graders,
    What great questions to ask your possible visitors from other countries.

    Clare and Sofia – as I am from Australia, my favourite candy/sweet/lolly would have to be Cadbury chocolate especially with honeycomb chunks in it or Snack variety with lots of flavours in it.

    What is your favourite American candy?

  17. Hi Clare and Sofia,
    Our favourite lolly ( how you say it in Australia) raspberry drops, they are a red raspberry balls and if you suck on it your tongue turns bright goes bright red. We like the fact that you included so many countries in one post that people all over the world can answer at least one of you question. It was hard to decide our favourite lolly because there are so many that originate from Australia.
    From Hannah, Helly and Larni

    • I agree, Hannah, Helly and Larni. You mentioned “Raspberry Drops” (I have never heard of them) turn your tongue bright red, though there are many other things that do that. My dad, (who is from Chester, Europe.) tells me about “pear drops” in England, which do a similar thing, but pale green. Apparently, they’re delicious.

      • Hi Lily-

        I love pear-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. Do you have Jelly Belly brand there? That’s the most popular jelly beans here–they have crazy flavors, too, for special edition versions like one they did for Harry Potter (dirt, blood, boogers (gross, right).

        Please let your URL so we can come visit you!

        Mrs. Rombach

  18. Dear Jasmin & Emma
    In 6K we mostly like action, comedy and adventure. And in Australia we have kangaroo’s, koalas and more. And I really liked your question’s 6K would like to know what kind of animals live there. Our favourite youtuber is Ali-a.
    From Hamid & Brett in Australia

    We would like to come on our class blog

  19. Dear Mrs Rombachs class,
    Our typical school day is coming into class and doing reading, maths, writing, and sometimes integrated studies. Our favourite movies are all of the hunger games, despicable me 1 & 2 and 101 Dalmatians. Our favourite books are the hunger games and wonder, for fun we play running games and hanging out with friends. What are your hobbies? Please visit our blog and comment at

    From Chloe & Maddy 

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