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Student Blogging Challenge Begins March 1st!

The 2015 Student Blogging Challenge begins–and we’re so excited to take part in this global online connection. Consider this class blog your one-stop portal to the awesome student blogs of 74 splendiferous sixth graders. I’m their truly blessed English teacher. Here’s our response to Week One’s Activity #6 — an A to Z paragraph that shares a little about us,

We’re from Ashburn, Virginia – 35 miles west of Washington, D.C.

We are an active, bright class of dedicated, enthusiastic, friendly middle school girls and guys who have interests as varied as our names. We jump into each day keen on learning Language Arts. From mastering challenging new vocabulary words to opening the pages of countless books, we’re quintessential learners ready to launch ourselves into the world. Serious or silly, talkative or taciturn, we’re a unique collection of sixth grade Virginians who want to make a difference in the world. Explore our ever-expanding blogs and you’ll meet one-of-a-kind kids who have a zillion things to say. We hope you’ll always be a commenter!

Whether you’re a teacher or student, I’d love to visit your blog and learn how you’re integrating technology into the classroom. Tonight, as I clicked on some of the links provided on this week’s Student Blogging Challenge recap, I found some wonderful tools I intend to incorporate into my teaching. Thanks for sharing out ThingLink and Tellagami. Plus, I learned some really cool coding shortcuts from Royce, one of Mrs. Yollis’ students. Click to visit his Learn HTML Code Page.

In Ashburn, Virginia, we’ve missed 12 days of school due to snow and ice. What’s the weather like in your part of the world?

3 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. G’day Mrs Rombach and students,
    Love the A-Z paragraph. It is so hard for me to think of new things each set of challenges so am glad you tried this one. I also enjoy adding those great posts on the end of the next week’s challenge. This post will be on the next one.

    • Thank you, Miss W. You are a very busy lady…and we’re so grateful for all we’re learning about blogging, technology, and each other through this wonderful experience. We’ll get busy on the second challenge as soon as we’re back in school. We’ve now lost 12 school days to snow closings–and several others were shortened by delays. Bring on Spring! 🙂

      Mrs. Rombach

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