Read this Summer to Help Cure Childhood Cancer!

The Blogtastic Summer Book Club Starts Next Week

Just two more crazy days in a classroom before summer break officially starts. With the countdown nearly complete, I wonder…what’s on your summer to-do list?

Besides digging my bare toes into the sun-bleached North Carolina beaches, I’ll be turning pages in books I’ve been dreaming about reading all year long. Next week, we (as in you and me) officially launch this blog’s Blogtastic Summer Book Club, a way to keep us reading and writing about fabulous, must-read books. (Vote for Blogtastic Book #1 at the bottom of this post.) This summer, it’s time to read for pleasureand for the promise of a future without childhood cancer

A Million Books for Hope – Summer Reading Challenge  

Thanks to Alice, one of my students who knows all too well the tragedy of losing a young friend to cancer, I can share A Million Books for Hope read-a-thon with all of you. No matter how old we are, an adversary like cancer makes us feel helpless. Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents in the United States? In fact, cancer kills 7 children every day in the United States. (Source: National Cancer Institute).

How can a parent–much less a kid–do something that actually makes a difference? What if I told you that by reading books you can contribute to the cure? It’s true. Childhood cancers get shortchanged when it comes to federal funding. Grownups are working on that issue, but while they’re speaking out nationwide and lobbying Congress, we can take part in A Million Books for Hope read-a-thon.  Ask your Mom or Dad, Aunt Kathy or Uncle Oakley, or MeeMaw and Grandpa to sponsor you. Whether it’s $1/per book or $5/book, 100% of proceeds go to childhood cancer research. Plus, with Barnes and Noble as A Million Books for Hope sponsor, you’ll earn a $25 gift card if you raise $250. Raise more; earn more! Prizes are detailed on the webpage. Click here to register (or just get more information).

Maybe you know someone who’s living with cancer? We at Eagle Ridge have our own hero, Gavin Rupp, #15, who lost his life to brain cancer on July 30, 2013. Only 4% of cancer funds go to childhood cancer. That needs to change. We will find a cure…one day soon.



Eagle Ridge Summer Reading Challenge

To encourage and inspire you to read as many books as possible this summer, sign up for the ERMS Summer Reading Challenge, too. Read whatever you want…and keep track of the books you’ve read. If you do, prizes are potentially in your back-to-school future.

OTuesdaysyou’ll receive a text message with book recommendations. You can read one of the recommended books…or any book that interests YOU! 

Keep track of what you read.

On Sundaysyou’ll get a text message as a reminder to log any book you’ve finished. Click here to log books. 

Tweet about what you’re reading! #ermsreads

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Pick a Winner…

Which book should the Blogtastic Summer Book Club read first? Click on the book cover to watch the book or movie trailer.

Vote today. Winner announced next week!


If I Stay

movie trailer for If I Stay














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4 thoughts on “Read this Summer to Help Cure Childhood Cancer!

  1. Hello Mrs. Rombach!

    I’m from Mr. Jewell’s class and I have been looking into this Blogtastic Summer Book Club since you first posted about it. I think this is a great idea, helping to raise money for childhood cancer. I’m going to go get myself registered right now!


    • Excellent! I’m going to p0st “the first book of summer” later this evening. 🙂 I have to check the votes. 🙂

      Take care and keep reading all summer!

      Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hi Mrs. Rombach,
    I have to say how impressive your blog is. How did you get the book covers to lead to a book trailer? Really cool. Also, just love the idea of reading for cancer. I have never heard of A Million Books for Help before. I am going to link your blog post to my class blog post so that my kids will be aware of this program as well. We have a Barnes and Noble near us, too. How long have you been blogging? I have just finished my second year, and I love it, but still feel as though I am in the novice stage. For me, blogging is humbling and inspiring. There are so many wonderful teachers out there! I really wish that all the education complainers would start reading blogs! There is phenomenal teaching and learning going on, and in so many ways: academic, service, social, behavioral. You are a prime example of all that is excellent in education! Thanks for creating and sharing your ideas through blogging. I hope you and your students have a wonderful last two days of school followed by a fantastic summer. We hope to blog and Skype with your class next year.
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

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