Our Student Blogs are Open for Visitors…Come On Over!

After giving another blogging platform a go earlier in the year, I’m back to Edublogs. I love Edublogs, and the autonomy that it provides my students delivers a learning experience unparalleled by other blogging formats. So, I’ve reunited with my one love–and set up  blogs for over 70 students  who are eager  to connect with  their peers around the globe. We just started our last quarter of the school year, but when it comes to blogging, my students are pumped up and ready for action.

I’ve asked my students to post a link to their blogs below. If you stop by for a visit, please stay long enough to visit a blog or two and leave a comment. In addition, you’ll find links to their blogs in the right sidebar. For most of my students, you’ll be the first comment they ever receive. Thanks so much for leaving a note of encouragement for any one of my amazing students.

Snow Day #12 – March 6, 2015

It’s been another short week! Two days of school this week…crazy!

Since Wayde called with the big snow day announcement, I wonder what you’ve got planned for today. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll check this blog. If you do, take a minute and answer the poll. After that, help me prepare our All About Me page for the 2015 Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. I need your input…and you know how much I love a little Padlet in my life.

Besides reading–which of course you’ll be doing tomorrow–I invite you to visit a few student bloggers I discovered today. When you visit another blogger, be sure to leave a positive comment (as well as your blog URL), so they can return the visit.

Enjoy your four-day weekend and be ready to rock and roll when we return to class on Monday. I am excited for you to share your research presentation with me and your classmates. Be prepared to shine as you show us what you’ve learned about your social issue.

What’s on your agenda for Snow Day #12?

What is the best snow day activity?

Family time–could be cleaning my room or cleaning up at Monopoly.
Curling up on the sofa and watching movies/Netflix all day.
Playing in the snow…sledding, snowmen, snowboarding, etc.
I’ll be social…YouTube, Instagram, Vine, or texting gets my vote.
Book me a flight to another world…I’m reading all day.

Poll Maker

 Ten student blogs worth visiting:

1. Leave a comment for Shane and while you’re there, notice the poll widget he added to his sidebar using www.poll-maker.com.

2. Niall, another student in Mr. Jewell’s class, left comments on many of your blogs. Return the favor by visiting his blog, The Genius Center.

3. Stop by Irene’s blog. You’ll learn a little more about growing up in Taipei, Taiwan (and how similar we all are!).

4. Are you a fan of Disney shows? Or wonder what it’s like to live in Vermont? Check out Marilynn’s Fantastic Blog

5. Sports fan should flock to Aidan’s Sports Blog for updates on all things sports — from baseball teams to deflated footballs.

6.  Interested in connecting with a colorful Australian blogger? Visit Chloe’s Creative Classroom and leave her ideas for future blog posts.

7. Here’s another blog from Down Under…Eden’s Extraordinary Existence. Click on her page of drawings…and be inspired to create your own gallery of artwork.

8. Do luxury vehicles make your heart race? Compare your list of fast-lane favorites on Ian’s Blog of Cars and Education.

9. Mia’s Motivated Blog shares an avatar maker you might want to try. In addition, check out more avatar makers on Mrs. Rombach’s Beyond the Post  – Blog Building Resources page.

10. Closer to home, I’d like to showcase two ERMS student bloggers — Aidan and Namitha. These blogs–like all great blogs–show initiative, creativity, and attention to detail.


What should other classes know about our class–and about our school?

Poetry and Popcorn? What do you think?

Tonight, I invite you to meet Popcorn, a sixth-grade poet from the Bronx. Listen to her story. Absorb her handpicked words, every one carefully crafted to express her thoughts and ideas.

After you’ve watched this video, share out what you think about Popcorn and poetry by posting a sticky note on the wall below.

Do beautiful words have to be beautiful? Speak up, let the words that are crammed inside you see the light of day.

Grab a sticky note and post your thoughts!

This is Tuesday night’s homework, but you’re welcome to complete early if that suits your schedule.

In addition, be sure that you’ve signed up for Quizlet. Please use your first name (not a nickname) so I can track your progress. Thanks to David M. for providing directions:

When you click the link, click Google sign up. Then enter in your birthday and your Google email where it says parents email. Your Google email is the locker.lcps.org one. See the previous post for directions. (Thanks David!)

IMPORTANT: If you are one of the 25 students who has not yet completed the 4th Quarter Reading Survey on Google Docs, do so tonight by signing in to Google and visiting this link:


See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Rombach

Student Blogging Challenge Starts Now…


Student Blogging Challeng Tag

Around the World in 10 Weeks…

There are just 10 weeks of school remaining! In those 10 weeks, Mrs. Rombach has plenty of excitement planned, including introducing the 2014 Student Blogging Challenge from Edublogs.org. This global blogging challenge allows teachers to connect with teachers and students to connect with students–from across the country and around the world. With just a keyboard and a few clicks, you can span the oceans and say hello to kids in places like Melbourne, Bangladesh, Michigan, or British Columbia. In fact, Mrs. Rombach has volunteered to be a blogging mentor for a group of students aged 10-12. How cool is that!

We’ll be participating in the challenge through this class blog, but you also have the option to join this challenge as an individual student. This activity is completely optional. If you’d like to participate, please leave me a comment here, and I’ll follow up with you on Monday or Tuesday. As a participant of the Student Blogging Challenge, you’ll be expected to meet weekly challenges, such as adding a widget or visiting another student’s blog. In return, your number of visitors will jump considerably. To find out more, click on the yellow and green Student Blogging Challenge badge above.

To begin my part of the challenge, I’ve added more blogging friends to our blogroll, inserted a Google translator, and left messages on several other teachers’ blogs. Click on one of the class blog links (under Blogging Friends), check out the class or student blogs, and be sure to leave a comment with your URL (which encourages an easy return visit). In my 30 minutes of worldly blog travel, I found a pile of blog tools I’ll be sharing with you in the next couple of weeks. Very quickly, you’ll discover all that you have in common with planet Earth’s young residents–and celebrate your differences, too. Remember, leave a comment if you’re interested in rising to this blogging challenge. 🙂



Now, for our blog question of the week:

Where in the world do you most want

to travel and why?

Leave your comment on our Padlet wall!