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Starting today, it’s time to kickstart your vocabulary expansion. It’s no secret that students who read 20-30 minutes every day add 800-1200 more words to their vocabulary every year.

In Mrs. Rombach’s class, we’re word warriors. Every week, you’ll add four new words to your ever-expanding vocabulary. Every other Friday, you’ll have a quiz on the eight words we’ve explored. Yes, the quizzes are graded. 🙂

Mrs. Rombach wants everyone to become a Word Ninja (expert), which is why all of her students are expected to register as a member of her class.

On Quizlet, you can access Mrs. Rombach’s vocabulary flashcards, race the computer (and classmates) to turn in the fastest time in matching words and definitions,

and have a world of fun with a variety of study tools that seem far more like games than homework.

Be sure to sign up for before Friday, September 12.

Click on the Quizlet robot below to register.

Sign up for your block (2/5, 3/6, or 4/8).

Word Ninjas Study with Quizlet!

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