Class Blogging Guidelines

What You Need to Know…

Before You Begin Blogging!


Operating a student blog is a privilege and must be treated as such.

We’ll use these blogs for classroom assignments.

You are expected to post one original blog post every week.


In order to preserve your personal privacy and safety,

it is imperative that you follow these guidelines

when writing either a blog POST or COMMENT:


  • Only use your first name (for instance use Melody, not Melody Brooks).
  • Never post any personal information (address, phone, school name, sports team, etc.).
  • Always use proper English; refrain from using text language, shortcuts, or abbreviations.
  • Be a respectful cyber citizen; use good web manners and cultivate kindness online and offline.
  • Leave positive, encouraging feedback only.
  • Make meaningful contributions to online conversations by adding interesting information or insight.

WARNING: Inappropriate posts or comments will result in disciplinary action and loss of blogging privileges.


These blogs are for academic purposes; therefore, it is important that you respect this forum and participate with enthusiasm and integrity.

Make sure to keep your content middle school appropriate.  Furthermore, remember once something is posted, it is in the blogosphere forever and always.

That said, blogging is incredibly fun and will definitely encourage more writing (always a good thing in Language Arts!).


Check out the following video to see how to make quality comments:


When we first launch our class blogs, I’ll approve all posts and comments.

Once we’ve practiced blogging etiquette, and all students show a thorough understanding of expectations,

you may earn the privilege of overseeing posts and comments on your own.

5 thoughts on “Class Blogging Guidelines

    • Joey-
      Please go back to the blog and read the directions. You have a job to do—to leave me a comment with three examples of figurative language from your reading. See if you can find them before Friday!

    • You’re not creating a blog yet…that is a future project. You’re tasked with simply following the scavenger hunt to learn the ins and outs of our class blog. Come talk to me if you’re having trouble. 🙂

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