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Mrs. Rombach is a sixth grade Language Arts teacher in Ashburn, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.). She is a drop-everything-and-read kind of girl, someone who easily loses herself in a world between two pages.

Mrs. Rombach (pssst…that’s me) is also the adoring, extremely proud mother of five children ages 12 to 21. Her youngest son, Sean, is a sixth grader. Cady, number four, is a high school freshman, joining her brother and quintessential middle child Bryan, who is a junior. Cullen, Mrs. Rombach’s eldest son, is in his first year at William and Mary (studying computer science). His big sis Shelby, an economics and justice studies major, is enjoying her third year at James Madison University (also Mr. and Mrs. Rombach’s alma mater). Bottom line: The Rombachs have a house full of children…and we feel very blessed by the teachers and professors who’ve touched our hearts and shaped our minds over the years.

Mrs. Rombach studied English and Studio Art at JMU,where she launched a lifetime love of writing. Nowadays, she packs up that passion and brings it into the classroom, where Mrs. Rombach fully intends to liberally spread an infectious joy for reading, writing, and celebrating life with a capital L!

So there you have it. Mrs. Rombach believes in kicking up lively conversations and delivering fun, interactive lessons to some 70 awesome sixth graders. If you want, you can follow our adventures right here. Stop by and say hello anytime.

Martha and Mike photo

Mr. and Mrs. Rombach during a rare date night without our five children. 🙂

My heart...my five children.

My heart…my five children.


38 thoughts on “About Mrs. Rombach

    • Meher-

      I will keep all of my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that you’ll be on my roster next year! That would be splendiferous!

      Mrs. Rombach

  1. Greetings from Pharr, Tx the Edublog newsletter sent me here…Congratulations on almost 10,000 visitors today. Great blog with great ideas.

    • Hi Mr. O-
      I hope you’ll be back to visit when school’s in session. We’re online constantly when school’s in session. 🙂

      Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hi Mrs. Rombach,
    Thanks for your comment! You and your students are doing great things with technology. I like your blog; the layout, the topics, the posts, the support for your students, and the adorable worm that follows me up and down. I will definitely be dropping in as often as I can. I’ve already stolen 2 great ideas from you: the Human Calendar and the Countdown Timer. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Mr. L-A, for the return visit.

      You’ll be happy to know that I stole the human calendar from another teacher’s blog. That’s what I love about the Student Blogging Challenge. All the interaction between teachers around the globe. I know what my school is doing with technology, but visiting other teacher blogs gets me pumped to challenge myself in new and exciting ways. It’s the best form of professional development–hands on! 🙂 I added your class to my blogroll, as I definitely want to keep tabs on your classroom goings on. I also sent a link to our lead tech teacher so he could see all of the resources you’ve assembled. Excellent. Thanks again for letting me peek into your classroom.

      As Arnold would say, I’ll be back. 🙂
      Mrs. Rombach

  3. Greetings, Ms. Rombach,

    I’d like to send you a few books from your Amazon wish list.

    Would you send the proper mailing address to dgep (@) hotmail (dot) com, so I may complete the Amazon order?

    Thanks and happy reading,
    Donna Gephart

    • Hi Miss Gephart,

      Wow! I am honored that you stopped by my class blog. Thank you so much for visiting–and for taking the time to visit my Amazon wish list. Your book, How to Survive Middle School, is a popular title in my classroom library. 🙂 In fact, it’s checked out right now. I will most definitely send you our school mailing address, and will gratefully accept any book you graciously donate to our classroom. My students will be over the moon to know a real author not only visited our blog, but offered to send us a book or two. Pretty special. I headed over to your website and found myself clicking, and clicking, and clicking. Fifteen minutes later, let me say thank you for all of the teaching resources you provide. I’ll be sharing out your link with the other English teachers in my middle school. I’ll copy and paste this comment into an email, too. Thank you again for visiting, leaving a comment, and offering to send us a book or two. I am deep-down grateful.

      Martha Rombach

  4. Why, hello there Mrs. Rombach! I’ve heard so much about you because one of my students, one of my favorites actually told me about it! Her name is Amanda Ip. She is such a fabulous student, and your website is too!
    Please email me at jamesk.dr.daniellesrunmiddle.edu or you can email Amanda at
    hcps-ipac@henricostudents.org if you have any questions or comments.
    Please visit our class site soon: http://mrsjamesclasssite.weebly.com or visit http://mrsjamesclasssite.weebly.com/open-house-parentvisitor-contact.html.
    Thank you once again,
    Mrs. Katherine James

  5. Hey Mrs Romach, you comented on my blog and it was really thought full. Thanks.
    I have 2 suggestions for a book to read to your class next year. The one and only Ivan and One for the Murphys.
    Thanks again for the commet,
    Harrison 🙂

    • Harrison-
      Thanks for visiting our class blog. I read both of the books you recommended and enjoyed both of them tremendously. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 – Mrs. Rombach

  6. Hey, Mrs. Rambach!
    This book sounds like it will be a great life lesson for the class.
    As much as I would enjoy this book, I might have a little tears.
    The videos affected me because, now I’m more focused on what I do have
    then what I don’t. I’m also thankful that virginia doesn’t get invaded with wars
    like Salva’s country does. Salva is very brave and he has done stuff that I could never do, IN MY LIFE!!
    love, Morgan

  7. METAPHOR = my math homework was a breeze

    SIMILE = the puppy was as fuzzy as a cotton ball

    HYPERBOLE = I’m so hungry I could eat a cow (poor cow)


  8. G’day Martha,
    Wondering how the mentoring is going with the students in the student blogging challenge? Can you please send me a list of your students who don’t seem to be participating eg don’t have an about me page or post and haven’t written at least two other posts related to the challenge.

    I will be highlighting them in red this week, then deleting next week if no more challenge posts written.

  9. Sorry I forgot to tell u how my character changed. Well in the middle of the book Cady gets softer she realized that just because two men tried to kill u doesn’t mean u have to get revenge , so Cady shows the guys some grace. Thats also a cool message to remember. Just like me and my brother on April fools we think of it as prank week so we would always want to get sweet revenge. Now were older so we grew out of it. But still its a great message!

    • Morgan-

      Remember to always leave QUALITY comments, which means you have to spell out words that you might abbreviate in a text (you not u). Use proper punctuation, too. 🙁 Thanks for being attentive to these all important details.

  10. Dear Mrs.Rombach
    I am currently reading the girl who was supposed to die I’m the climax were my character Cady breaks Brenner’s (bad guy) shoulder and her a woman who pretended to be her aunt almost shot her Cady and Ty (a guy who helped her not get killed) tied them up and when they finished Cady’s memory was starting to come back she realized he parents abandoned her and ran away without her I will let u know when I finish the book but people who are reading this I recomend the Author April Henry she is a very good Author I really enjoy her books.
    LOVE, Morgan.C

  11. Thank you Mrs. Rombach for sharing such a wonderful blog! I cant wait to keep exploring! I saw a book trailer called The Jorney Back and it looks very interesting. I have a feeling that when I go to the library I am going to have my hands full. This weekend I’m going to curl up on the couch and get my read on! Well, thank you so much you’re bog is beautiful and exiting I cant wait to keep exploring , have a wonderful day 🙂

  12. Hi Mrs.Rombach I am so happy that you put a tab about yourself and family. I am very glad that by reading this page I got to learn more about you because I have been wanting to get to know you better. Your whole website is absolutely fabulous and I can not wait to start blogging myself!

  13. Dear Mrs. Rombach,
    Although it is getting late, 11:14 p.m., I just can’t go to bed tonight without writing to compliment you on your absolutely outstanding class blog. I wish I could travel back in time and through space and become a student teacher in your class at Eagle Ridge Middle School. Your enthusiasm for reading, writing, learning, and living comes through loud and clear on every post you write. The five Rombach children, 70 Rombach students, 140ish Rombach parents, and one Mr. Rombach are very blessed indeed. I would love to learn from you in person, but am still very grateful to learn from you via the wonderful world of blogging.
    I would also love to tell you which is my favorite page on your blog, but alas, a much too difficult task. Your classroom looks phenomenal on “Our Evolving Classroom”; the “Inspirational Quotes” are just that; the “Author Connections” are such a clever idea; and of course, all the “Weekly Blogging Assignments” are creative and purposeful. Our class will be visiting you often.
    As a mother of four and a middle school language arts teacher, I am most impressed by the quality of your blog, knowing well the time involved in such an undertaking. Not only are your words thoughtful and engaging, but your graphics are top-of-the-line as well. I am so intrigued by your book trailers hidden behind the covers of books. How did you do that? Every post has something unique: a video, a photo, a Padlet, etc. I even love your Back To School Countdown Clock, although it reminds me that our Florida countdown is far ahead of yours. As I type, you have 31 days left; our students have 16, and the teachers merely 9.
    Due to the proximity of our Back To School date, I am readying my mind, my blog, and my classroom for our new adventure. I hope you agree that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you won’t mind if I chronicle the classroom journey from an empty space to our academic home for a post on our own blog, Hey, Kids! I am also planning a QR code scavenger hunt for our first week of school and will send my students to Mrs. Rombach Reads as part of their quest to discover what makes a great student. Thank you for sharing your adventures in reading and writing with the rest of the world. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your summer.
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    • Mrs. Donofrio-
      What a wonderful way to start my Friday morning! Thank you so very much for the compliments. I am still learning how to maneuver across the blogosphere (aren’t we all?), but I’m so excited to begin the Student Blogging Challenge in September. Did you see that there’s also a Teacher Challenge starting shortly? I just signed up to participate in both the teacher and student challenge. Check it out! I intend to post all of my classroom essentials here on the blog, including my weekly calendar. I would LOVE to hear about your QR code scavenger hunt. Perhaps I could duplicate that in my classroom when the sixth graders arrive in September. As for the links for the videos, it’s easy. When you insert media (such as a photo or artwork), you can assign a web link at the bottom of the photo information page (the same place you insert a caption or credits). Simply copy and paste the URL into the Link bar at the bottom of the page and then hit save. I will send you an email with details. Take care…and let’s stay in touch!

      Mrs. Martha Rombach

  14. Hi Mrs. Rombach and class,

    Thanks for commenting on our class blog! We’d love to have you add our blog to your blog roll, and we’ll be sure to add your blog to ours.

    Like you, we’ve been studying argument and persuasion, and we are going to be writing editorials of our own over the course of the next few weeks. We’ll have to check out your persuasive writing to see what issues you’ve decided to tackle and how you’ve gone about it.

    We’re also trying our hands at coding with Scratch, and my students will be posting the games they design to their blogs. They’ll definitely be looking for feedback from players so that they can revise their games to make them more engaging.

    I look forward to continuing this dialogue!

    Best regards,
    Mr. Jewell and class

  15. Mrs.Rombach I couldn’t access the internet because my mom had her computer and mine was not working, so do to that I was not able to get my post in… by friday and now it is in! Also I do not know the username or password for brain pop?

  16. Hello, Mrs. Rombach !!

    I am Vanita Thakkar. Your student Prerak Thakkar is my nephew (Prerak’s father, Prashant is my elder brother). I stay at Vadodara, Gujarat (India) – our native place.
    Prerak is my dear, dear little nephew (oops, he is grown up now !! 🙂 🙂 ). I feel really happy and proud to see his progress. My parents and all our relatives and friends, who are extremely fond of Prerak and his little sister Prachi, also share my delight and best wishes for Prerak. We all thank you for being such a wonderful, inspiring teacher !!
    I was browsing through Prerak’s blog and reached yours. Prerak has told me about you.
    Nice to read about you.
    I am also into teaching profession. I work as Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of an Engineering College located in the southern outskirts of Vadodara ….
    I too share your passion of reading and writing and I sing as well (that is my first love !!!) …. I write poems, stories and articles in English, Hindi and Gujarati and have one collection each of English and Hindi poems published. The collection of my English poems is titled – “Wings of Silence”. My poem are there on http://www.poemhunter.com. I invite you to read them.

    Once again, very, very happy to visit your blog and Prerak’s blog.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Vanita Thakkar

    • Hello, Ms. Thakkar,

      Prerak is a wonderful, attentive, dedicated, and mirthful young man. He’s an absolute joy to teach. How exciting it must be for Prerak to know that his India-based relatives can visit his blog and read his thoughtful, entertaining writing. 🙂 Prerak is a student who knows what is necessary to achieve the As he wants…but he never stops pushing beyond that A, allowing his curiosity to challenge him. Love that!

      Unfortunately, I do not share your passion for numbers, an essential requirement for engineering. My sons and husband have that gift; my daughters and I prefer the written word. Rest assured that I will head to http://www.poemhunter.com and find your poems. Our class is writing poetry all month…so keep an eye out for Prerak’s poetry.Thank you for visiting Prerak’s blog (and mine). Come as often as you can manage with your busy schedule. I’m sure it means the world to him to see comments from his “second home”.

      All the best!
      Martha Rombach

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