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This is my second year sponsoring a blog club here at Eagle Ridge, but our numbers are dwindling weekly. I need to figure out a way to make blogging more exciting–maybe I should give away five dollar bills. Candy and Top 40 tunes alone aren’t cutting it. Ideas, bloggers of the world?

Right now, we’re participating in Edublogs’ Student Blogging Challenge…six successive weeks of challenges that educate and inspire us to be responsible, inventive bloggers.

What our club is missing in quantity is certainly made up for by the quality of the students with whom I’m lucky enough to share my Wednesdays.

Meet Tiki.

One of my talented seventh-grade bloggers, Tiki loves hibachi food and sleep. Connect with her at


Meet Sid.

Once you’ve stopped by Talking with Tiki Torch, drop in and visit Sid at Sid’s Database. Sid is currently creating an interactive personality quiz so watch for that on his blog shortly. You don’t want to miss out on Sid’s blogging excellence.


I’ll share more Eagle Ridge bloggers next time! Until then, believe anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Eat candy and enjoy life,

Mrs. Rombach

One thought on “Meet My Bloggers

  1. Hi, Mrs.Rombach!

    I think I spotted you and a few other teachers at briar a few days ago, it was great seeing so many teachers! I think you should incorporate something with technology. Another idea is science, for some reason, EVERYONE in my science class was on the edge of their seats when we watched videos on earthquakes and its effects. They were quite interesting and I think it would reel them in to show real world problems or something that maybe they didn’t quite realize and would like to make an impact in. I think what I’m trying to say is make them feel like they can change the world or at least have a helping hand in it. I’ll see if I can stop by this week, I hope you’re blogging club gains more people I believe in you!

    Stay Happy 🙂

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